Best Paleo Spiced Nuts Recipes

Nuts are a core staple of the Paleo diet. They’re an excellent source of healthy fats, protein, in addition to plenty of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. 

Many varieties of nuts have been linked to increased heart health, lower cholesterol. Research also suggests that consuming nuts on a regular basis may help to reduce inflammation and regulate blood sugar levels.

Plus, nuts are unprocessed, whole foods, which means that they’re totally compatible with the Paleo lifestyle. 

But getting your daily dose of mixed nuts can start to feel like a repetitive chore after a while if you don’t introduce a little variety. 

Today, we have 9 of the best Paleo spiced nuts recipes available online to share with you. Whether you’re a fan of cinnamon, ginger, or paprika, there’s a recipe in our collection to spice up your snack time!

The 9 Best Paleo Spiced Nuts Recipes 

The Real Simple Good Life Paleo Spiced Nuts 

This Paleo spiced nuts recipe by Justin and Erica Winn of The Real Simple Good Life is our top choice. We love this recipe because its flavor combinations deliver the perfect balance for a tasty snack that hits the spot every time. 

The Real Simple Good Life recipe calls for walnuts, cashews, and almonds, in addition to sunflower seeds. The process involves roasting the nuts before coating them in olive oil and enveloping them in a spice blend of paprika, garlic powder, and sea salt. 

Nyssa’s Kitchen Tasty Spiced Snacking Nuts 

Nyssa’s Kitchen’s Tasty Spiced Snacking Nuts recipe is great if you enjoy the marriage of sweet and savory in a nut-based dish. 

The nuts used in this recipe are walnuts and pecans, and the spice mix consists of smoked paprika, sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. 

It’s amazing how the sweetness from the pecans comes through to mingle with the powerful flavors of paprika, pepper, and garlic. 

Our Salty Kitchen Gingerbread Spiced Nuts 

Our Salty Kitchen’s Gingerbread Spiced Nuts recipe is ideal for the holiday season, but it also makes for a delicious snack year-round. 

This is a useful recipe to have on hand for those days where you’re in a rush. It only takes 15 minutes to create and the guidelines are super simple. 

Take 1 lb of mixed nuts of your choice and coat them in a blend of allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves before finishing with kosher salt and coconut sugar.

Debra Klein Simple & Healthy Spiced Nuts 

Debra Klein’s Simple & Healthy Spiced Nuts feature a pretty unique blend of spices for an incredible taste experience. 

This recipe leans more into the idea of spice in the terms of heat than our previous recipes, incorporating cayenne pepper, cumin, and chili powder alongside black pepper, turmeric, and garlic. However, there’s some cinnamon in there as well to bring it all together. 

With a total preparation and cooking time of just 20 minutes, you’ll find yourself making these spiced nuts over and over again!

Trifecta Nutrition Paleo Roasted Spiced Nuts 

The Paleo Roasted Spiced Nuts recipe by Trifecta Nutrition is a firm favorite. It delivers both sweetness and spiciness in equal measure, so it will appeal to a wide range of individual palates. 

To make this recipe, you’ll need cashew nuts and almonds to start. Then, you’ll create a spice blend with cayenne pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, chili, ginger, egg whites, maple syrup, and butter.

While this recipe does list butter in the ingredients, which is not strictly Paleo-friendly, you can choose to use grass-fed or clarified butter, which is often seen as the exception to the no-dairy Paleo rule. 

What Great Grandma Ate Spiced Maple Rosemary Paleo Mixed Nuts 

This Spiced Maple Rosemary Paleo Mixed Nuts recipe by What Great Grandma Ate is incredibly flavorsome and versatile, meaning you can omit certain ingredients according to your preferences. 

The spice blend, which you’ll be adding to walnuts, cashews, and almonds, consists of rosemary, sea salt, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. It’s all held together with coconut oil for natural, additional sweetness. 

Elana’s Pantry Low-Carb Paleo Spiced Nuts 

Elana’s Pantry has done an amazing job with this Low-Carb Paleo Spiced Nuts recipe. It’s basically everything you could want in a spiced nuts recipe, by which we mean that it’s satisfyingly savory with just a hint of sweetness. 

The pecans and almonds provide a subtly sweet flavor alongside the walnuts. This is then balanced out with an intense spice blend made from black pepper, cumin, and chili powder. 

I Heart Umami Paleo Ginger-Spiced Mixed Nuts 

Another ginger-based spiced nuts recipe, these Paleo Ginger-Spiced Mixed Nuts by I Heart Umami are out of this world!

The recipe calls for mixed nuts and seeds, so you have some flexibility in terms of which nuts to use. You could even introduce berries if you wanted. 

Then, all you need to do is grate some fresh ginger and add to sea salt and cinnamon for the spice mix. Bind the blend to the mixed nuts using blended egg whites, bake for 40 minutes, and you have yourself a delicious snack!

Tasty Thin Cinnamon Candied Nuts 

Tasty Thin has a fantastic Cinnamon Candied Nuts recipe for those readers with a serious sweet tooth! 

This recipe tastes just like Fall, with a simple spice blend made up of just cinnamon, coconut sugar, and sea salt. It’s recommended that you use cashews and pecans for the best results. You could even add pumpkin spice to the mixture for a truly Autumnal experience, as suggested by the recipe.

You’ll use egg whites as a binding agent before baking in the oven for about 40 minutes. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see from the recipes we’ve showcased in today’s article, making Paleo spiced nuts is easy, and the results are delicious! 

There’s plenty of variety in terms of the flavors you can use, from sweeter spices like cinnamon and ginger all the way up to cayenne pepper and chili. 

We hope that this roundup of recipes has inspired you to try out some Paleo spiced nuts. Your body and your taste buds will definitely thank you!