The 15 Best Paleo Restaurants in Dallas

Dallas is famous for its flame grilled barbecue meats, chili tacos with double servings of fries, and delicious pecan pie. Yet it has a less talked about healthy eating culture that caters for the growing number of diners looking to eat food that doesn’t negatively impact their own waistlines, or indeed, the planet.

There are plenty of paleo-friendly restaurants in Dallas that offer healthy alternatives to the old classics, as well as innovative new dishes that are a delight to discover. You just need to know where to look for them… and that is where we come in! 

We have put together a list of the 15 best paleo restaurants in Dallas, which will cater to all your breakfast, lunch and dinner needs so that you can enjoy all the fabulous food the city has to offer.

Gather Kitchen

First up is Gather Kitchen, a gorgeous little place located in downtown Dallas, which is really leading the way in allergy-free dining. Gather Kitchen offers a build-your-own-bowl so you can get creative with your order, and their paleo, gluten-free breakfast waffles are a favorite with customers.

It’s creator, Soraya Spencer, is committed to using healthy, beautiful ingredients and delivering a fast but flawless service. Check out the website for nutritional facts and meal plans, as well as an online ordering service if you want to eat-out at home! 

Origin Kitchen 

Next up is Origin Kitchen, a little gem of a restaurant where every item on the menu is a treat and the staff are attentive and personable. Their dishes are paleo inspired so there are plenty of paleo-friendly options available.

There’s even a paleo chocolate mousse! Customer favorites include their sweet potato fries cooked in avocado oil, and their tasty brussel sprout salad. They serve a delicious all day brunch too, with paleo breakfast tacos if you’re craving some real Dallas flavor! 

Company Cafe 

Situated in the Lower Greenville area of Dallas, Company Cafe is a rustic little restaurant with excellent gluten-free and paleo options. They pride themselves on using natural and fresh ingredients in their dishes, and on putting a healthy twist on comfort food classics. 

They have a wide range on offer, from farm-to-table beef and bison dishes, to coffee-afternoon bites like gluten-free cakes and french toast, so they really do cater to all tastes. But be warned, they keep infrequent hours so best to double check they are open!

HG Sply Co

HG Sply Co is a super trendy establishment located in the Lower Greenville area. The menu is highly paleo inspired so there are lots of options available but the cashew queso is a customer favorite. This place is ideal for a date night as their giant rooftop patio overlooks the downtown area and has a fantastic atmosphere.

They do fabulous mocktails made with soda water and fresh pressed juices, and they even do a sunset toast with a free drink included if you manage to be there when the sun goes down! 


Bellagreen runs a successful chain of restaurants, so if tried and tested is what you prefer then this could be the place for you. The service is fast and the atmosphere is casual, so it makes a great spot for a date night.

They pride themselves on being able to accommodate different dietary needs, and also on the environmentally sourced ingredients that go into their dishes. Customers love their brick chicken, spaghetti squash bolognese and paleo salmon tacos!  Don’t forget to ask for some of their homemade pickles as a free appetizer.

Cibo Divino

Cibo Divino is a small Italian market specialising in pizza and pasta, so you may wonder why it has been included in our list. Well, their prepared foods fridge always has a great variety of high quality meat choices and yummy olives and veggies.

This makes Cibo Divino a great choice if you are heading out with non-paleo friends as there are options for everyone. They do the cheapest, most amazing grass-fed steak which you can wash down with a glass of their natural sulfite-free wine.

Sundown at Granada 

The Sundown at Granada is situated right next door to the historic Granada Theater on Lower Greenville, so has plenty of fantastic atmosphere. They even have their own stage area with lighting and sound, and they hold a very popular movie night on Wednesdays.

The menu is largely veggie centric, but they also offer great farm-to-table options, all sourced locally. Customer favorites include their roasted veg with wild caught salmon, and their delicious paleo appetizers. They also have a few entrees that they can make paleo with minor modifications, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Hat Creek Burger Co

If you are looking for somewhere family friendly then Hat Creek Burger Co may be the place for you.

They started out as a food truck but have since graduated to a great restaurant with outdoor play space perfect for the kids! They have a paleo burger option on the menu complete with avocado, spinach and sweet potato sides, so you can enjoy a healthy option and let the kids enjoy their fries!

True Food Kitchen

At True Food Kitchen they really do their research. The restaurant was founded by Dr Andrew Weil and is dedicated to serving dishes that benefit your body and protect the health of the planet.

All the ingredients are sustainably sourced and seasonally selected, and the menu includes incredibly energising, mood boosting and system cleansing options. All in all, this really is a healthy eater’s heaven.

TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market

For the fish lovers out there, TJ’s Seafood Market is just about the best that Dallas has to offer. All the produce is fresh and delicious and there are plenty of paleo options to choose from.

Customer favorites include the shrimp cocktail, and the grilled fish of the day. Plus, you can always buy fresh fish from the market and have seconds at home as well!

Nature’s Plate

Nature’s Plate was founded by sisters Annette and Marianne, who have both been vegan for over 20 years and live and breathe their healthy-eating philosophy.

The menu is 100% plant-based with plenty of paleo options, and they even do meal-kits so you can try cooking one of their delicious dishes at home. They are full of knowledge and advice – and their food is full of flavor!

Flower Child

Flower Child is an incredible option if you are looking for somewhere to grab lunch with a pal. It has loads of veggie and gluten-free options available and they serve delicious kombucha on tap!

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal – you order at the counter and then take a seat to enjoy. It is owned by the same people who run True Food Kitchen, so you know you are in expert hands!

Dive Coastal Cuisine

Dive not only offers amazing paleo options but they have also recently introduced a meal subscription program which involves meal deliveries for 4-6 people.

All their ingredients are non-GMO, organic and locally sourced, and 20 out of their 22 sauces are gluten-free so you really will have plenty of options to choose from. Customer favorites include the pear and arugula salad and the ahi tuna wrap. Yum!

Original Chop Shop

The Original Chop Shop does excellent light lunch dishes as well as delicious smoothies, juices and breakfast options. The food is creative, quirky and colorful and there is a real emphasis on healthy eating.

Their protein bowls are a customer favorite and the kale Caesar salad is impressively filling! Plus service is fast and informal, so this place is great for a speedy lunch-break from work.

Unleavened Fresh Kitchen

Unleavened Fresh Kitchen is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you will have plenty of opportunity to visit. The menu has health and well-being at its heart with lots of paleo and gluten-free options, and the chefs are always happy to adapt to any individual dietary requests.

Customer favorites include the acai bowl (served all day) and the house-made hummus served with raw vegetables. Unleavened Fresh Kitchen prides itself on adding a healthy twist to time-honored classics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the paleo diet?

The paleo diet looks to recreate the dietary habits we humans kept when we were still hunter gatherers, over 10,000 years ago.

It includes fish, lean meats, most vegetables, fruits and nuts, and steers clear of dairy products, grains and legumes.

What are the benefits of the paleo diet?

The paleo diet helps with weight loss primarily, but it can also help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and improve glucose tolerance.  

How does the paleo diet differ from the keto diet?

The main difference between the paleo and keto diets is that the paleo diet allows for natural sugars contained in fruits, while the keto diet excludes sugars entirely.